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Natural Deodorant Sample (For Selected Testers Only) NOT FOR SALE

Natural Deodorant Sample (For Selected Testers Only) NOT FOR SALE

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Hello! We're excited to share that you've been selected to join our team of deodorant testers. Thank you for accepting this opportunity. After reviewing your questionnaire responses, we're pleased to send you one of our three natural deodorant options.

Please make sure to read everything.

Before we send your sample, let's clarify: Our product is a NATURAL DEODORANT, NOT AN ANTIPERSPIRANT. Antiperspirants, containing aluminium, block sweat glands to prevent perspiration.

However, studies show that the aluminium and harsh chemicals in typical commercial deodorants have been linked to breast cancer, kidney disease, and other conditions.

At Sapónne Naturals, we prioritise natural and organic skincare. Our deodorants don't stop your body's natural sweating process; instead, they combat odour-causing bacteria. Unlike antiperspirants, they allow pores to function normally, aiding in detoxification without compromising odour control.

For your peace of mind, our natural deodorants have undergone rigorous testing. They've been evaluated by a small group and passed a Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment by an independent chartered cosmetic chemist. This ensures their safety, containing only 100% natural and organic ingredients.

This trial is entirely complimentary, with no shipping charges. Just proceed with checkout and provide your shipping address.

Please leave a review on this listing after two weeks of regular use, and expect a questionnaire link for further feedback.

By participating, you agree to use the product consistently for two weeks, unless you experience adverse reactions or allergies. If so, discontinue use and inform us promptly.

If you agree, secure your sample now. You'll receive a mini sample size (approximately 15-20g) of one of the following:

  • Brightening Natural Deodorant
  • Charcoal Deodorant
  • Sensitive Skin Deodorant

For additional questions and concerns, please feel free to send us an email at We eagerly await your feedback!

Warm regards,

Alex and Ruby

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